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LikeCMS content managment system

LikeCMS content managment system

Our proprietary CMS system will allow you to fully control your website. We will adjust it to your needs!

We make every possible effort to ensure that every client is satisfied with our services. For our most demanding customers we offer our own LIKE CMS Content Management System.

Content management system

A Content Management System is an online application that enables easy website creation, updates and development. You do not need any technical skills to use it – all its options are accessible through a form and modules in the form of a website.

The main advantage of the CMS system is the separation of content and its presentation. One an update is complete the new content is transferred to a database.


The LIKE CMS system is different from others, as we developed it from scratch. We can thus freely modify and develop its functions.

The LIKE CMS system's main options include:

  • adding and removing menu positions;
  • adding new subpages;
  • multi-language website creation;
  • Easy editing using the WYSIWYG contents editor (its functions include editing text – colors, bold font, inserting tables, lists, creating links, etc.);
  • managing photos published on headers;
  • managing content included in side columns;
  • users may add photos and documents (PDF);
  • creating photo galleries and gallery management;
  • managing user accounts;
  • simple search engine optimization for browsers such as Google via the SEO module.

As this system was designed by us we can implement additional functions to meet customer requirements. As of today we have implemented the following functions:

  • catalog products management;
  • real estate search and management option;
  • content accessible only by registered users;
  • creating a company incomes database;
  • comment option;
  • simple auction system;
  • choice of website template.

The above functions are only a fraction of the options we can offer. Our system is full of possibilities: there is nothing we cannot implement.

Często spotykamy się z pytaniami jak wygląda praca nad stroną internetową. W większości przypadków proces ten przebiega podobnie:

Najpierw kontaktujemy się z klientem w celu ustalenia szczegółów briefu. Po dokładnym zapoznaniu się z jego wymaganiami i potrzebami możemy przedstawić kosztorys projektu. Następnym etapem jest podpisanie umowy oraz pobranie zaliczki w wysokości 20% ustalonej ceny. Wówczas powstaje projekt graficzny, a nasi programiści tworzą dla Państwa stronę internetową. W dalszej kolejności poddajemy ją testom, a po dodaniu treści jest gotowa do publikacji.

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